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New Cats


A few weeks ago, it seemed the right time to get some new cats, as sadly we lost our aged cat a few months ago.


Pets are very popular in Britain – it’s estimated that 46% of households in Britain have a pet.  Dog owners (24%) slightly outnumber cat owners  (18%).

イギリスでは多くのひとがペットを飼っている。- 推定では46%の家庭でペットが飼われていて、そのうち犬を飼っているのは24%と、猫の18%を少し上回っている。

It seems wrong to buy pets when so many cats are abandoned, so we went to a local charity where there are always rescued cats in need of a good home. We made a contribution of £120 to the charity and got two kittens – microchipped and checked over by a vet.  We named them Belle and Sebastian. Belle is a British medium haired female and Seb is a short hair.

They’ve settled in well and are very affectionate towards each other. Seb is obsessed by running water and enjoys sitting in the sink.


2 匹とも新しい環境に良く慣れてとても仲がいい。セブ(セバスチャン)は流れている水に夢中で、流しに座るのが大好きだ。


Belle walks around looking cute.



They’ve just started to go outside – the back garden here is enclosed and pretty good for cats, although we did see a large fox last night, so they won’t be going out for a while.

Recently a photographer friend from Japan stayed with and took the pictures below (you’ll notice the dramatic increase in picture quality). It looks like the cats enjoyed posing for him… so, with thanks to Kiyoshi Sakasai, here are their portraits:



_3A_0254 _3A_0255 _3A_0260 _3A_0275