A busy Saturday in the Cotswolds コッツウォルズでのある忙しい土曜日


On Saturday, we went to Stroud Farmer’s Market. It’s a good way to shop on a warm summer’s day, not a supermarket in sight.  Stroud is a slightly down-at-heel Cotswold town brought to life every Saturday by one of the best Farmer’s Markets in the country. Stroud may not be as affluent as some Cotswold villages, but the people are great and there’s more of a community atmosphere here than elsewhere.  Five valleys lead to Stroud, we approached along the ‘Slad’ valley and, on a sunny day, there’s not really a better view to be had in the Cotswolds.



Park the car in this small town on a Saturday and step straight into a busy market. Usually there are few familiar market stallholders and maybe some new ones too. You can buy most of the food you need for the week. Not especially cheap, but the quality can be very high and that’s important too. I think we’re realising that supermarket food can be too cheap. Better to eat less eat, for example, and make it the best quality, I think.

There are stalls selling different flavour of sausages (usually pork)…



…stalls selling local cheeses: these are Godsells Cheeses, double Gloucester and single Gloucester types…

....地元産のチーズもある : ゴッドセルズチーズ、ダブルグロスター、そしてシングルグロスターのタイプ...


… Day’s Cottage apple juice, from unsprayed apple trees.



…flower, vegetable and herb stalls…


IMG_0294 IMG_0300

Windsurf Valley goat’s cheese, mild and yoghurt. You can buy this in London, where is costs a lot more!


IMG_0293 IMG_0298

Eggs that were laid that morning.


IMG_0301 IMG_0302

And there are also stalls where you can buy snacks as you look around. This stallholder sells vegan food.



A great way to spend a Saturday morning – and you feel closer to Cotswold life.

こうやって素敵な土曜の朝を過ごす - きっとコッツウォルズでの暮らしがより身近に感じられることだろう。


After the market we went home and did some gardening.



To finish a busy day, we went to a beer and cider festival, where we sat outside in a pub garden and then moved inside when it became too cold. We drank a little too much cider and finished with a beer called ‘Headsplitter’.  Hmmm. I feel OK today though.

忙しい日の締めくくりとして我々はビールとサイダー(リンゴ酒)祭りに出かけ、寒くなって中に入るまでの時間をパブのガーデンで過ごした。少しサイダーを飲み過ぎたようだが、最後に‘ヘッドスプリッタ―(頭粉砕)’というビールを飲んだ。  ウーン。しかし今日はもう大丈夫だ。

IMG_0304 IMG_0305 IMG_0306

We walked home through quiet villages under a clear, cold sky.



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