Slow Travel スロートラベ

Morris Tour 2014 075 - Copy

I had a visit from Japanese friends this week, Mrs Yuka Shimoda and her husband Koishi. They are very busy people (Yuka is Editor in Chief of Modern Living Magazine and Koishi is a magician, part of The Napoleons, a comedy magic act in Japan) and so a holiday is a very rare thing for them. I was really pleased that they decided to spend most of their time in one place rather than the more usual type of holiday that involves dashing all over Britain to see as much as possible. This is the idea behind ‘slow travel,’ an idea that emphasises allowing time for experiences rather then having a long list of things to ‘tick off’ a list when on holiday.


The other thing that reminded me of ‘slow travel’ recently was seeing some pictures from the much appreciated translator of this blog, Mrs Yumiko Kijima-Tivers.  Many of her clients now choose to travel more meaningfully by exploring a particular theme or idea.  Yumiko, who is a London-based Blue Badge Guide, has recently been exploring the world of William Morris for some clients and provided the pictures on this page. You can see her blog here.

最近、‘スロートラベル’に関して気が付いた別の例は、このブログの翻訳をしている木島タイヴァース由美子さんから送られた写真を見た時だった。今や彼女のクライエントの多くは特別なテーマやアイディアを追及して、より意義のある旅行をしている。由美子はロンドンをベースとするブルーバッジ.観光ガイドで、最近ウィリアム.モリスの世界を周るツアーで仕事をした際の写真が送られてきた。See her blog too!

Morris Tour 2014 042 - Copy-1

It’s always interesting to see what other people photograph when they visit the Cotswolds and I love the fact that her pictures are often details of real cottages rather than castles; local people’s gardens rather then large public gardens and so on. Travel slowly, meet local people and take time to enjoy local food and traditions – that’s the real way to travel!

コッツウォルズを訪れる人が撮影した写真にはいつも興味があるが、彼女の写真は、例えばお城よりは普通のコテージ、一般公開されている大きなガーデンよりは地元の人々のガーデンを撮影したものが多く、とても気に入っている。 ゆっくり旅をしよう。そして地元の人たちとの触れあい、地元の食事や伝統をゆっくり味わう ー これこそが旅行の本当の楽しみ方だ!

Morris Tour 2014 038 - Copy



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