Clipping Celebrations at Painswick Village ペインズウィック村のクリッピング.セレブレーション


Painswick is a Cotswold village that is not as well-known as it should be. To me, it’s almost perfect, set on the side of a Cotswold valley and with the most beautiful church. The Cotswold stone, deep gold elsewhere, has a beautiful silver quality here.


In the churchyard there are huge shaped yew trees. 



Today was the ‘Clipping Ceremony.’  ‘Clipping’ is an Old English term meaning ‘encirclement’ and on this day the people of Painswick would join hands around the church exterior and sing their Clipping Hymn.  ‘Clipping’ has nothing to do with clipping trees,  it’s just a coincidence that there are trimmed yew trees.




As usual, any village celebration is an opportunity for food,  drink and a little light gossip amongst the yew trees and gravestones. At the back of this picture is one of my favourite old gravestones – in the shape of a pyramid. Afterwards we walk to the always dramatic place called Painswick Beacon – an ancient (500bc) British fort with 360 degree views of patchwork-like fields and the fleeting shadows of clouds racing over them.

他の村祭り同様この日もイチイの木や墓石を囲んで、食べたり、飲んだり、ゴシップをする絶好の機会だ。写真の後ろの方にある墓石は私の気に入っている古い墓石のひとつだ ― ピラミッドの形をしている。その後、私たちはいつもドラマチックな景観を見せてくれるペインズウィック.ビーコンへと歩いた ― 古代の(紀元前500年)イギリスの砦で、そこからは360度のパッチワークのような田園と、そこに落ちる雲の影が見渡せる。それは田園の上をまるで競争して走る一連の雲が落とす影だ。


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