Three Signs of Autumn 秋の兆し


When the weather is fine, September is an enjoyable month in the Cotswolds. It does, however, feel slightly lost between between two seasons. Summer is nearly over, Autumn is coming… we lose our long sunny days and we look forward to Autumn colour.


Now the fields themselves are changing colour as farmers stack up the hay and plough the fields turning them from straw to brown, their tractors followed by colonies of birds investigating the newly turned soil for insects.


Hay bales are enigmatic things. When I was young they were stacked in the barn at the back of my grandfather’s farm. We played there and made houses from the bales. There were chickens too and sometimes they laid eggs in the hay. The smell and rough sensation of touching straw are very enigmatic. I had my first kiss in a straw barn.


The signs of the end of summer are straw bales, the change in colour of fields and also the arrival of blackberries. They’re delicious cooked with apples. Preparing them stains your hands and your lips as you steal a few from the pile.



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