Shopping – Cotswolds Style

Now that it’s Spring (and even beginning to feel like Summer), it’s good to sometimes ignore boring supermarkets and try a more unusual style of shopping.



On Saturday, a very warm day, we started by driving past nearby Winchcombe to buy some apple juice from Hayles Fruit Farm. Nextwe passed typical roadside Cotswold hedges, covered with spectacular white hawthorne blossom and what the local people call ‘cow parsley’. We headed for Farmcote Herbs, which is run by Tim and Jane. Here we bought parsley, thyme, basil, coriander and 3 different types of chilli plant.  Tim grows everything himself and has a menu of unusual types of chilli plants for sale – the British love spicy food.

私たちはヘイルズ果樹園で作られるリンゴジュースを買うために、近くのウィンチカム方面のドライブに出かけた。それはとても暖かい土曜日であった。コッツウォルズの道端でよく見かける白いサンザシの生垣や、地元の人が‘カウパセリ’と呼んでいる白い花が咲いている。果樹園の次の目的地はティムとジェイン夫妻が経営するファームコート.ハーブズだ。ここではパセリ、タイム、バジル、コリアンダー、そして3種類のチリの苗を買った。ティムは珍しい種類のチリを含む全ての苗を自分で栽培、販売している。- 英国人はスパイシーな食べ物が大好きなのだ。


We drove on past the Lavender fields at Snowshill, which are just beginning to show their colour.  We visited Old Farm, a farm shop near Moreton-in-Marsh, to buy some cheese,  bread, pork sausages, new potatoes and onions.  We tried a taster of ‘Righton’s Ruin’, a new cider named after the owners. Sarah and Simon Righton.


By now we were hungry, so we stopped  at my favourite Pub in the Cotswolds, which is the Plough Inn at Kingham. Emily Watkins, the Chef proprietor, is very skilled at finding local producers and takes the trouble to make almost everything in the kitchen ‘from scratch’ (that means ‘from the start’), from beautiful ingredients. As it was a hot day, I had a classic, deceptively simple ‘Ploughman’s lunch’. You see ‘Ploughman’s lunch’ on many English pub menus – it usually includes bread, cheese, pickles, butter and tomato or salad. Emily’s was perfect. Homemade bread, ham and a delicious Double Gloucester cheese came with salad – delicate leaves that you knew had been picked nearby and very recently.

さて、そろそろお腹もすいてきたのでコッツウォルズで私が気に入っているパブに行くことにした。キンガムにあるプラウ.インだ。オーナーシェフであるエミリー.ワトキンズは地元の生産者を見つけるのが得意だ。そして彼女は彼らの素晴らしい材料を使って、ほとんど全てのものを彼女のキッチンで作るように努力している。その日は暑い日だったので私は迷わずにシンプルでクラシックな‘プラウマンズ.ランチ’をオーダーした。‘プラウマンズ.ランチ’は多くのイングリッシュパブのメニューに載っている。- パン、チーズ、ピクルス、バター、そしてトマト、またはサラダがついてくる。しかし、エミリーのものは完璧だ。ホームメードのパン、ハムと美味しいダブルグロスター.チーズにサラダが皿を飾る。サラダのデリケートな葉を見れば、それは直前に、そしてすぐ近くで摘まれたものということがすぐにわかる。

On the way home we stopped at another farm to buy a chicken and some eggs.


Just as we got back we noticed that the local junk shop had a garden table and chairs for sale. These are things that our garden has needed for a long time, so I bought them at 1/4 of the price of the garden shop versions.  And very nice they look too…



It was a great day for shopping and it beat going to the High Street…  it’s also a nice feeling to support growers and farmers who make high-quality food in the Cotswolds.

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