A New Banksy for Cheltenham チェルテナムの新しいバンクスィー

We were away for a few days and came back last week to find that the British artist Banksy had created this new mural at the end of our street in Cheltenham. The art is a reference to GCHQ, the government communications headquarters which are in Cheltenham, which is widely known to be where the government monitors and interprets communications signals from around the world which, presumably, most countries do.

数日の間、家を留守にして戻ってみるとチェルテナムにある私たちの家の通りの突き当たりに英国のアーティスト、バンクスィーが壁画を描いていた。その内容はチェルテナムにあるGCHQ(the government communications headquarters)、つまり政府の通信本部に関連するものでほとんどの国が行っているように、ここでも政府が世界中からキャッチされるシグナルをモニターし、分析していることは広く知られている。


Banksy is a popular artist and the mural appeared on the side of a house, which is now said to have tripled in value. Crowds of people have come to see it.


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