Easter in the Cotswolds コッツウォルズのイースター


It’s Easter this weekend and one of my favourite times of year, accompanied by the usual signs of Spring. Lambs in the fields, the greening of trees and, something that I think isn’t appreciated enough, the fantastic white hawthorne flowers at the side of the road – looking like frozen fireworks and truly spectacular.



For Christians, Easter is probably more important than Christmas because the bible stories about resurrection are the focal point of Christianity. Church attendance is in decline in the UK, but most families will mark the occasion of Easter by getting the family together and celebrating with presents and by having lunch together.



We always buy our Easter chocolate from our friends Richard and Lyn at the Honeypot shop in Stow-on-the-Wold. Lyn’s family have owned the shop since 1919.

我が家ではイースターのチョコレートはいつもストウ.オン.ザ.ウォルドにあるハニーポット(Honeypot)という店の友人リチャードとリンから買うことにしている。リンの家族は    1919年からこの店を経営しているのだ。



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