Allotments アロットメント(分割貸与農地)


In most Cotswold villages, you’ll find a small field of ‘allotments’. Allotments are simply a small piece of land made available to local people to grow flowers or (more often) fruit and vegetables. Strictly speaking such allotments are meant to be non commercial, so for a tiny rent of, perhaps, £10 a year, there is the opportunity for local people to grow potatoes, strawberries, onions, beans and other useful crops for the kitchen. Some people even keep chickens and it is common to build a small shed to store tools.


The people who have an allotments tend to be friendly individuals who are always ready with advice if you are just starting out.  People also love to pass around fruit and vegetables if they have too many. It’s a nice atmosphere.


These pictures are from the allotments at Stow on the Wold, where there are fences to keep out rabbits and even deer. In Stow there is an annual competition amongst allotment holders, with prizes for the best dahlia flowers, the largest onion, the most uniform looking shallot or the straightest carrots – competition is intense as the gardeners love to win,  even if the prize is just a certificate.

Having an allotment is healthy exercise and, even better, the vegetables taste fresh, healthy and can be (if you can keep the slugs off) organic too.



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