Snowdrop Time スノードロップの季節


After a meeting this morning I stopped the car to look at some white snowdrops and yellow aconites at the side of the road.  I think that snowdrops are a magical sight – pure white ‘drifts’ growing wild. When they come up through the earth the buds point towards the sky and then as they open into flowers they point downwards towards the earth.

Several gardens around the Cotswolds open for viewings of intensively planted snowdrops but, in my view, nothing beats the sight of wild snowdrops growing at random.   Don’t be temped to pick them though, according to local folklore it’s unlucky to bring snowdrops indoors.

午前のミーティングの後、私は道端に咲いているスノードロップと黄色のアコナイトを見るために車を止めた。スノードロップは魔法のようだ。― それは野生の中で真っ白い群生が漂っているようだ。空に向かって真っすぐに芽をだし、花が開くと同時に首をかしげて下を向く。



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