Greetings from the Cotswolds! コッツウォルズから今日は!

photo (56)

I have been lucky enough to visit Japan several times and have made many Japanese friends along the way.  In the same way that many English people find Japanese culture fascinating, I know that that my Japanese friends find the English way of life equally interesting. And I also know that the Cotswolds are a part of Britain that many Japanese visitors enjoy experiencing.

Because I enjoy writing, I’ve therefore decided to write a blog about life here in the UK with, hopefully, some insights that Japanese readers will especially find of interest.

My background is that I was born and brought up in the Cotswolds and then went on to work in London, before returning ‘home’ to marry and bring up a family – one son and one daughter who are currently at University (York and London). I have always worked in the travel trade and tourism industry and so, although this is a blog and not a ‘sales’ website, I will also pass on tips about the Cotswolds and some of my favourite places.





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