My Father’s Garden 父のガーデン

I visited my father last weekend and I was, as usual, impressed at how beautiful the garden is.


The garden was started in the 1960s, created on clay soil. Dad laboriously dug up the clay, burnt it and then broke up and mixed in with the soil. So this garden really was built ‘from the ground up’.


Over the years we have added different bits and pieces, such as rocks ‘borrowed’ from the nearby Forest of Dean, Tunisian clay lights and a metal  porthole from a shipwreck in Wales. Most importantly hundreds of plants, a couple of ponds and  various fruit trees have been included to make what is a good example of an English gardeners home.



June – and the poppies arrive.

A familiar sight in June, and one of the most colourful wild flowers. These red poppies are mixed with rapeseed, which have just finished their bright yellow bloom (you can still just see a few flowers remaining in the picture).  Even better, in the next field there is linseed which is the most beautiful pure pale blue colour.